Adrian Belew

Inner Revolution

Adrian Belew

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Inner Revolution


Intro: D5 |A/D 

So welcome to the real world 
where there's nowhere to hide 
from the pain and hurt, 
C#m                      G  
you've got to take it in stride 
you say you've got your big problems, 
baby, join the club 
                     G       C#m             E 
you won't find the solutions with a gun or a drug 

D A D A Inner revolution, shake it up baby D G F#m C#m there's something in your life you don't like, G you got the power to change it D A D A you can't fix it with a drug, can't kill it with a gun G F#m C#m G Inner revolution, oh, that's the way it's done
So welcome to the real world full of pain and hurt where there's a million excuses, and you know what they're worth you say you've got your big problems like everybody else you won't find any answers until you find yourself Chorus Bridge: E5 When you face yourself; and you look inside G you see there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Solo over Chorus chords... Inner revolution you've got to shake up your life you've got to make it work out! Inner revolution, oh! you've got to do it yourself ... Chorus with intro and noise to fade

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