Adam H. Nunes

Live A Beautiful Life

Adam H. Nunes

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Live A Beautiful Life


Intro: G | Bm7 | Am |  D 

G 		Bm7 
Feel the heat of the Sun 
Am			D 
Hear the sound of water 
G		Bm7 
Live intensely each moment 
Am		         G/B       C9          G/B         C9 
Feel the bare feet       on the sand?   On the sand 

G                D/F# 
Live a beautiful life 
          Em                         C9 
The reason to live in the world 
G                             D/F# 
Fly like a free eagle in the sky 
Em		     C9 
Dive in the gift that comes from God 
G                                              D/F# 
Close your eyes and open your arms 
Em		              C9 
Feel the rain? Submit your life! 

         D/F#   G/B	       C9 
Feel the  rain?     And close your eyes witch emotion 
         D/F#   G/B	       C9 
Feel the  rain?     And open your arms! 

BY: Adam Nunes 

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