Adam Carroll

Gulf Coast Losers

Adam Carroll

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Gulf Coast Losers

Big mike?s at the legion hall? 
With toot toot playing pin ball? 
D                                     A 
My brother's out in houma making that dough? 
Daddy died in 63? 
It was just my mom and me? 
D                        A                   D 
Outsiders call us all a couple of gulf coast losers?? 

There's a fema truck parked outside? 
I'm choking down hot box wine? 
Saw my best friend floating on a keg of beer? 
He still owes me forty five?For the hole in my double wide? 
Just like my ex-wife he's a gulf coast loser?? 

G I win from time to time? D Watching dolly's dimes? D A Even though I one time flipped a PT cruiser? G The air ain't clear down here? D G And we're running out of beer? D A D We're always on the run gulf coast losers??
There's a band that's not from here? Called billy gibbons beard? They're in town for the battle of the bands? My bass player says no fear? Them guys are a bunch of queers? And there's nothing they can take away from a gulf coast loser? Chorus:? I win from time to time? Watching dolly's dimes? I dropped right outta AA, call me a boozer? I like to smoke that mexican weed? Chase it down with vitamin B So what if they all call me a gulf coast loser?? They pulled out the flying V? Started shredding in the key of E They just pulled up in a thirteen passenger van All the folks from outta town? Said they really dug their sound? But there ain?t no love around for a gulf coast loser One-eyed Wanda said she pass our jar? Up and down the bar? Said she?d shake it like she did when she had the other eye? By the time they made last call, there was no one there at all? We played the curtain call of the gulf coast loser Chorus: I win from time to time ? Watching dolly?s dimes? One-eyed wanda went home to refugio with bruiser? It ain?t the worst night we ever had? Cuz? we?re drinking on the other band?s tab? I guess things didn?t go too bad for the gulf coast losers? Let?s have another round for the gulf coast losers

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