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Name Above All Names Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by martin03polanco

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Name Above All Names

	  Key: C 

Intro     Dm     Am     Gsus     x2 

Verse 1 
Dm                   Am           Gsus G 
O God You're high, above all the nations, 
   Dm                 Am    Gsus G 
dominion beyond the skies. 
 Dm                            Am      Gsus  F(b5)   Dm7 
Yours is the name filled with power & majes-ty. 
 F/A  F/G  F         F/A  F/G  Dm7 
Je___e___s u s..... Je___e___s u s..... 

Verse 2 
Dm         Am            Gsus G 
Every eye, one day will see, 
     Dm              Am   Gsus G 
the King who is over all. 
  Dm                     Am     Gsus G 
Brighter than a million suns altogether, 
 Fadd2              Gsus   G 
Saviour, Redeemer, Lord. 

 C              F/C (F/B)  G        G/F        C/E 
Name above all names,  we rise and sing Your praise. 
(C)      Dm Am   Fadd2  Am7     Gsus   G 
We sing ho-ly,  worthy  is the Lord 

F               Am7              Gsus  G 
Name above all names, the name of Je__sus, 
F                  Am7             Gsus  G 
forever You will reign, the name of Je__sus! 

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