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Abbey Lincoln

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( Buddy DeSylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson)


C                                 G  
We strolled the lane together  
Laughed at the rain together  
A                               Dm   
Sang love's refrain together  
        D7                                     Dm      G#dim G  
And we'd both pretend it would never end  
C                                    G  
But one day we cried together  
A                          Dm  
Cast love aside together  
You're gone from me  
          C             A  
But in my memory  
       Dm            G      C       G#  
We always will be together  
C#                        G# 
Oh darlin' the memory  
Of all the happy moments we shared together  
A                                        Dm 
Will always remain in my heart  
        D7        Dm    G#dim   G  
The picnics at the park  
C#                            G#    
The boat rides on the lake 
A#                                 D#m     
The way we danced all night  
The warmth of your kiss  
          C#             A#  
The way you held me tight  
D#m            G#      C#              
Are all part of a tender love  
You're gone from me  
          C             A  
But in my memory  
Darlin', wherever you are  
We'll always be, together 

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