A Rocket To The Moon

Just Another One

A Rocket To The Moon

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Just Another One

	  		F                           C                        G 
She started dancing at the second that she heard the music play 
    Am        G 
(She's always moving) 
F                          C                
She looks at me but then I look back at her 
She turns away 
           Am           G 
(She knows exactly what she's doing) 
F                    C                      G  
She moves closer and I'm thinking to myself that she's all mine 
 Am        G 
(She's all mine) 
F                        C                  G             Am      G 
We start talking and she takes my hand like she does this all the time 
Go! Go! Go! 
C                      G                        Am G 
You never had the time because you move too slow 
And I know, know, know 
C                              G 
That she could care less about love 
Am            G 
It's just for fun 
I'm just another one 

"same for the next verses" 

Cause she can't 
Ever fall in love 
Cause this is who she is 
            Am  G   F  
And this is all she knows 

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