A Camp

Rocknroll Ghost

A Camp

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Rocknroll Ghost

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Riff G Em E-----------------------------| B-----------------------------| G-----------------------------| D-----------------------------| A --------0---2---------------| E ----3--------------0--------|
Intro: G Em G Em G Em G Em verse 1 G Em Well you know G Em and you go Am D When I'm alone I have no cause Am D G Em to think about the shit we used to know G Em Made of snow verse 2 G Em Well you came G Em and you stayed Am D No one here to raise a toast Am D C D D* Be my guest and I will be your host C G D To a rock'n'roll ghost C G D a rock'n'roll ghost G Em G Em verse 3 G Em Well, you said G Em "she's better off dead" Am D You think that I might have heard a word Am but I was much too young D G Em and much too cool for words G Em Look at me now Am D No one here to raise a toast Am D C D D* Take me by the hand, man, raise a toast C G D* A rock'n'roll ghost C G D* To rock'n'roll ghost C G Am G C D C We don't know until we're gone Am D There's no one here to raise a toast Am D D* I look into the mirrow and I see C G D The rock'n'roll ghost C G D My rock'n'roll ghost G Em

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chords A Camp - Rocknroll Ghost
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