3 blind mice And Casey Hurt

Run Joe

3 blind mice And Casey Hurt

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Run Joe

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Intro: Cm  Bb  Am  Ab 

Hot nights heavy 

Water breach levee 

Gm                      Gm 
Trouble bubble over and run 

F Gm 
The walls tumblin  

So punch through the rubble you're a goddamn 

F Gm 
Son of a gun 

           Gm              Bb 
You better run Joe get em, cover them blocks 'fore 

    Cm                          Bb 
The plague groan set in and she buys the shot 

Gm                     Bb 
Up cross the alley and jump the line 

Cm                          Bb 
Break down the building one brick at a time 

Big Joe pulled a 45  

F Gm 
Knocked down the door to see if Ray was still alive 

Oh that number, lord how she suffered 

Where's your baby tonight 

          Gm                      Bb 
She don't call she don't whisper, run joe and get her 

        BIG JOE 
     Cm                      Bb 
Come hell of water high, the doctor's gonna die tonight 
        Don't you let up 

Gm                          Gm 
I'm the eye of the tempest, cracking my cheeks (?) 

I use lightning for my fightin and a thunder to speak 

Gm Bb Run Joe, run Joe Cm Bb Run Joe, run Joe Go on and get im
BIG JOE Gm I was built for this thrill of the hunt F Gm Filling this feeling with fists Fit for killing and the spilling of blood F Gm I'm gonna drill through the swill and the mud Come pillaging your village like Attila the Hun Gm Bb Oh son, you're gon get it, my gun come fitted Cm Bb With one in the chamber, seven more in the clip Gm Bb Spit it with ridiculous precision, I write physician's prescriptions Cm Bb To die. Who run? Now you run Gm I am a one man army, packed with mettle F Gm To settle vendettas better than anybody, I'm sorry Lord Gm This is war, you can keep your reward Gm I'm in the market for your swift sword Gm Bb These eyes have seen the court and they want more Cm Bb Let's settle the ticket, I get it, vengeance is yours. I'm with it, be sure Gm Gm I'm just a poor wayfaring banger at death's door Gm Gm Offering help for, delivering what's yours I'm coming for him
Gm Bb Run Joe, run Joe Cm Bb Run Joe, run Joe Gm Bb Run Joe, run Joe Cm Bb Run Joe, run Joe Go on and get im, run Go on and get im, run Go on and get im, run

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