18 Hertz

Wastin Away

18 Hertz



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Wastin Away

	  		Music and Lyrics By: Darrell Gilliard of 18 Hertz 

		Wastin Away  
                                   Original Music & Lyrics 
Note: This song uses the same chord structure only several different strumming patterns  
and some chord reversals so listen to the song on Garageband.com  
under band name 18 Hertz to get the feel for it. This song has a Nirvana kind of feel to it. 

Em         C         A           Em 


My head is swollen  
My arms are numb 
I'm an off shade of white  
I really need some sun 

Verse 1 
How did I ever get in here  
How did I get into this hotel 
 It's not skillful planning 
That could have brought me into hell 

Chorus: How the hell did I ever get into this hotel It's still not clear to me  
I had no reservations and I didn't get in for free  

Verse 3 How the hell do I get out of here There's a stupid revolving door  
It keeps on spinning me around and around till I can't take it no more  

Chorus: How the hell did I ever get so lost Why does loneliness have such costs  
I sit around just wastin away Hoping for a better day 

Bridge:  The head clerk just told me to lighten up and have some fun  
Easy for her to say since she's just 21 

Verse 5  They won't let me out of here until I clean my room But Isn't that what maids are for  
At least that's what I always though But I've been misinformed before 

Vs 6  How the hell did I get into this hotel It's still not clear to me  
I had no reservations that could have brought me here and nothings for free 

Verse 7  You know when you think about it we're all probably dead and this is just purgatory  
God's is looking down on us laughin before he brings us into glory 

Verse 8  I'm in room 18 with all my new found friends And we're really enjoying life  
At least that's what we pretend And it's what i tell my wife 


I can't sleep in satin sheets Without you by my side And all the touring in the world Won't keep me satisfied 

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