18 Hertz

Somewhere Out Their

18 Hertz

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Somewhere Out Their

	  		                    Somewhere Out Their 
                 By: 18 Hertz (Darrell Gilliard) 

Spoken Words: 
The universe is infinite.  
Use your mind with me and become infinite.  
What is infinity but a state of mind 

Verse 1 

Am           Far away                  
F            In the cold blackness of space 
Am           There's a world like ours         
F            Floating out in space  

Verse 2 

Am           Wouldn't it be great               
F            If we could see it 
Am           If we all work really hard           
F            Maybe we'll be sent their 
Am           Through seven distance stars   

There is a little melodic guitar riff that plays 
 over and over throughout the rhythm guitar parts: 




Verse 3 

Am           Maybe we'll be sent                
F            To a world with no pollution 
Am           A world that's out their          
F            That doesn't need solutions. 


Am           Maybe it's their                
F            Beyond Orion's belt 

Verse 3 

Am           Maybe it's their               
F            Somewhere out beyond mars 
Am           A tiny little planet        
F            Surrounded by stars 

Verse 4 

Am           Man has been evolving              
F            For so many years 
Am           Our progress can be measured       
F            By all of our tears 

Chorus played at half time 

Am           War is not the solution 
F            To all our worldly woes 
Am           But if it's not the answer 
F            Then nobody knows 
Am           If we could work together 
F            Like one big family 
Am           Then we could work it out 
F            And set ourselves free 


Am           Out their somewhere                 
F            Their's a new world we can't see 
Am           Where people live together          
F            In perfect harmony 

Am           Maybe we could get their             
F            If we all tried really hard 
Am           Or maybe we'll be sent their          
F            Through seven distant stars 


Am           Wouldn't it be great 
F            If we could live without fear 
Am           It sounds impossible 
F            But not like being here 

Am           If we could work together                
F            Like one big family 
Am           We can find solutions               
F            That will finally set us free 

Am           It's somewhere out their (fade out) 

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