Wierd Al

The devil went to Jamaica

Wierd Al

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The devil went to Jamaica

Violin solo to these chords on guitar:  
Dm  C    Dm C Bb A G F E Dm   Bb C Dm  
DmThe devil went to jamaica 
he was looking to sell some weed  
He was doin fine cuz they were standin' in line 
it was exelent weed indeed 
When he came across this young man  
who was likewise peddling pot 
And the devil slid down to the beach to the kid 
and said boy let me tell you whatBb C Dm  
DmI guess you kinda figured  
i'm a reefer head of course 
after all this time i guess that  
i'm a conisure of sorts 
now your stuff smells ok 
but but this could tranquilize a horse 
I bet a million in cash against your stash 
cuz I think mine's better than yours C Dm  
The boy said my name's Johnny  
and you ain't smoked nothin yet 
one hit of this grass will kick your ass 
mines the best theres ever been. 
DmJohnny roll a ball of hash 
and C make sure it's the bomb 
Cuz Gmthe devil's got the kinda   
stuff they smoked in Vietnam  
youll get a million smakeroos in cash if you can cope   
But Aif you lose the devil gets your dope 
Violin solo:  Dm  C   Dm C Bb A G F E Dm  
DmThe devil filled his bong     
with a little acapolco gold     
And resen flew from his fingertips 
as he fired up his bowl 
he passed it down to johnny  
who took a mighty hit    
They passed it back and forth   
and it gave em' both a caughing fit Dm  
Devil Solo:  Dm C Dm (7 times) then G A Bb C Db Dm  C Db Dm  
DmWhen they were finished Johnny said  
hey man that stuff was great     
But fill your lungs with some of this   
and prepare to vegitate          
Dcanibus ateeva sweet mary jane 
CThe devil's in the back yard fryin' his brain 
Dzig zag filled with a diggity dank     
Chold on tight it'll hit ya like a tank   
Solo:  Dm  C  Dm  C  Dm  C  A A A  A C Dm  
DmThe devil nodded off  
because he knew that he was stoned'  
He asked if he could buy an ounce  
of the stuff that johnny owned 
Johnny said devil just come on back  
if you ever want to catch a buzz 
'Cause I told you once you son of a bitch  
mines the best there ever was 
and they fired up doobies one by one 
ain't a gonna stop till the bag is done 
green as a bullfrog, sticky as glue 
granny do ya get high yes i do 
Outro solo  Dm  C  Dm  C  Dm  C Dm Em G A G F E   
Dm C Bb A  Dm C Bb A  Dm   C Dm  


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