Uriah Heep

Paradise The Speel

Uriah Heep

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Paradise The Speel


|C---|Ebmaj7---|C Ebmaj7  <- 4x 

C            Ebmaj7     C                               Ebmaj7 
I feel you trying.....Though in my heart I know you're lying 
      C                         Ebmaj7  C           Ebmaj7 
And though your love for me is dying... I see you crying 

Bb                     C                        F 
It's the pain of your secret heart... Bringing you to tears 
         F#dim                          C                G 
Filling you with fears... through your mind and through your soul 

|C---|Ebmaj7---|C---|Ebmaj7---|  <- 2x 

I touch you softly now.. Borne on by hope until the end some how 
I am a man and I must keep my vow.. I must go on 

But the wall of your secret heart keeps my distance clear 
Helps my footsteps fall... back in line inside my mind 

|C---|----| <- 4x 

  C                 Eb                    F                C 
What's the use you turned me loose.. and left me here to cry 
  C                  Eb               F                C 
Where's the love we talked about... where's my sunny sky 

Secret hearts and sorry tales... will never help love grow 
Spread your wings my daunted soul the time has come to go 

I will not be hurried down... or blackened by your lies 
I must go and find my dream... and live in paradise  

What's the use you turned me loose..and left me here to cry 
Where's the love we talked about... where's my sunny sky 

Secret hearts and sorry tales...will never help love grow 
Spread your wings my daunted soul the time has come to go 

I will not be hurried down... or blackened by your lies 
I must go and find my dream... and live in paradise 

What's the use you turned me loose..and left me here to cry 
Where's the love we talked about... where's my sunny sky 

         The Spell (Hensley) 

|G---|--C/G-|----|--C/G-| <- 2x 

  G                 C/G-C                        C/G 
What ya' think I am..  do you think I'm dreaming  
 G                    C/G-C                        C/G 
Don't you know I know... what it is you're scheming   
Who'd you think gave you the right.. hidden by the dead of night 
To take the world and turn it upside down... when it should be round 

 D       G/D     D7      G/D      D       G/D   D7       G/D 
Seems I made it just in time...to use my reason and my rhyme 
 D           G/D     D7    G/D      G 
To save us from the devils of your mind  


Eb                           F 
I will cast the spell... be sure I'll cast it well 
Eb                       F 
I will light a fire.... kindled with desire 

Bb                          Ebm 
I'll fill you with fear... so you know I'm here 
Ab               G7            Cm 
And I won't be treated like a fool 

   Bb                                  Ebm 
S'no good your pretending... there'll be no happy ending 
Ab             G7             Cm   Ab-G 
I'm alive and darkness is my tool  


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Slide guitar solo: Fm G Cm F E|-----------------------------------------------------| B|----/13-------12-12-12/13-11/13-11-10/11\10------10--| G|-/10----10/12-------------------------------10-------| D|-----------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------| Bbm Eb Abm Db E|------------------------------------| B|-11-9/11-9-8----8-9--7/9-7-6-----6--| G|--------------8---------------6-----| D|------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| Fm G Cm F E|------------------------------------------------------------| B|----/13------/15-12/13-11/13-11-10/11\10----10/11\10----10--| G|-/10----10/12----------------------------10----------10-----| D|------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| Bbm Eb Abm Db E|---------------------------------------------------------| B|-11-9/11-9-8/9\8---8/9\8---8/9--7/9\7-6/7-6---6/7-6---6--| G|-----------------8-------8------------------6-------6----| D|---------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------| Fm G Cm F Bbm E|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|----/13------/15-12/13-13-16-15-13-11-10-10-11-13-14-14-13-11-| G|-/10----10/12-------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------| Eb Abm Db Fm G E|-------------------------------------------------------15-15-| B|-9-8-8-9-11-12-12-11-9-7-6-6-7-9--------------------/15------| G|---------------------------------10-10----10-11-12-----------| D|---------------------------------------10--------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| Cm F Bbm E|--------------------------------------------------| B|--13-13-16-15-13-11-10-10-11-13-14\13/14-14-13-11-| G|--------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------| Eb Abm Db F E|-----------------------------------------------------13-13--13-15--15-----------| B|-9-8-8-9-11-12\11/12-12-11-9-7-6/7\6-6-6----------/13-----13-----15---15-16-13\-| G|----------------------------------------10----10--------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------10-----------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(piano) |Cm F Cm F Cm Ab Bb Eb Cm----|----| Cm F Cm F But when the night is over... and daytime steals your cover Cm Ab The goodness of the morning sun Bb Eb Cm Will warm away what you have done... and leave you cold (piano)|Dm G Dm G Dm Bb C F---| |Dm---|----| Dm G Dm G I have no need for moon light... you're wrong to trust in sunlight Dm Bb C F For I exist not just in storms... but in life itself in so many forms Dm To leave you cold |Dm---|Dm---|G---|----| |G---|--C/G-|----|--C/G-| <-2x G C/G-G C/G-G I will leave you now... but you won't defeat me G C/G-G C/G-G You had best beware... when you come to meet me Bb Love and truth will follow me... an army of reality Bb D Brought from every corner of the world D G/D D G/D D G/D D7 G/D You will never break the spell... I'll summon all the fires of hell D G/D D7 G/D G And this is my advice for what it's worth C Cm/Eb G C Cm/Eb G Let us not begin...this fight we cannot win C Cm/Eb G Be sure you're watching me G Cause all through your life ev'ryday and ev'rynight G C You should know that I'll be watching you

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