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Song Of My Father

Urban Rescue

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Song Of My Father

Intro: Db /// | Ab /// | Bbm /// | Gb /// 

verse 1 
 Db           Ab 
 When silence falls  
            Bbm         Gb 
 I hear You call in the secret place 
 Bbm          Ab              Gb 
 You still my soul with quiet joy 
 and I'm wide awake 
Db In the middle of the night Fm I look up to the sky Bbm7 Gb I can hear You singing over me Db Fm Through the fire and the flood I know that I am loved Bbm7 Gb I can hear You singing over me
verse 2 Db Ab Bbm You spoke the earth with just one word Gb and You hold my heart Bbm Ab Gb My every step, my every breath Ab is Your work of art REPEAT Chorus Interlude (2x) Db Ab Oh - oh Bbm Gb Oh - oh Bridge (2x) Db Ab I hear Your melody, I hear Your symphony Bbm Gb There's nothing louder than the song of my Father REPEAT Chorus REPEAT BRIDGE

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