Rich Girl


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Rich Girl

F Dm G Am 
F Dm G Am 

 Rich girl 
Am     Dm                       F 
 Gonna go shoplift with my rich girl 
G         Am                  Dm   F     
 Gonna go too far with a rich girl 
G     Am                 Dm 
 Got everything she wanted 
     F                    G 
 And damn, that girl, she flaunt it, and I'm 

Am                Dm   F G 
 Runnin' from the 5-0 
F               G            F G  
 She don't even care, though 
Am                 Dm          F G 
 Girl just wants a thrill ride 
F                   G          F G 
 Then back up to the east side 

 Am  Dm    F G     
 Oh, rich girl 
        Am                  Dm    F G 
 Making love all night to a rich girl 
       Am                     Dm       F G 
 Gonna rip three lines with a rich girl 
     Am            Dm 
 And now she wanna party 
 F                 G 
 Spend all daddy's money 

Am             Dm      F G  
 Drunk up on a highway 
Am               Dm     F G 
 Singing to that Kanye 
Am              Dm            F G  
 Hiking up that black dress 
Am                 Dm       F G 
 She always try to impress 

C                           Am 
 Oh, but when she cry on my shoulder 
 G              Dm 
 Makeup running right off 
C                   Am 
 Telling me just to hold her 
 G                 Dm 
 Think she's tryna break through 

Am Dm F G 

 Am  Dm    F G 
 Oh, rich girl 
            Am               Dm    F G 
 But she'll always be just a rich girl 
       Am                      Dm      F G 
 Tryna act real tough, yeah my rich girl 
     Am                   Dm 
 But there's nothing left to do 
 F                       G 
 When you've always been cool 
 Am       Dm    F    G 
 Like the rich girls 
 Am      Dm    F    G 
 Oh, the rich girls  

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