Possum Kingdom


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Possum Kingdom

	  		The Verse goes E7 E7 E7 A Asus4  

Listen to the song to catch the rhythm if you don't already know it. 

E7 E7 E7           A Asus4 

  Make up your mind 

Decide to walk with me 

Around the lake tonight 

Around the lake tonight 

By my side,      By my side 

  I'm not gunna lie 

I'll not be a gentlemen 

Behind the boathouse 

I'll show you my dark secret 

E7 E7 E7 A Asus4    E7 E7 E7 A Asus4 

I'm not gunna lie 

I want you for mine 

My blushing bride 

My Lover, Be My Lover, Yeah 
F#      A      E            G#                A 
  Don't be afraid, I didn't mean to scare you 
     F#         E7 E7 E7 A Asus4 
So help me Jesus 

E7 E7 E7            A Asus4 
  I can promise you 

you'll stay as beautiful 

With dark hair, and soft skin 

Forever,           Forever, 

Make up your mind 

Make up your mind 

And I'll promise you 
F#        A         E 
   I will treat you well 
   G#         A     F#           E7 
My sweet angel,  So help me Jesus 

Jesus,  Jesus,  Jesus... 

                                 End on E7 

       E7 E7 E7 A Asus4 


Chords-F# A E7 Ab7 A F# 

Power Chords- 
       F# A E G# A F# 

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