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Sweet Virginia Banjo

The Rolling Stones

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by Val+Sampaio

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Sweet Virginia

Year: 1972 - Album: Exile on Main Street


  		    intro:(A E A D A D B7 A D B7 A D B7 A D A E A) 
      D                   B7           A 
      Wading through the waste stormy winter 
            D              B7                A 
      And There's not a friend to help you through 
      D                    B7                  A    D 
      Trying to stop the waves behind your eyeballs 
      A              E                     A 
      Drop your reds drop your greens and blues 
       D                  B7         A 
      Thank you for your wine, California 
       D                  B7                A 
      Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruits 
       D                   B7             A  D 
      Yes, i've got the desert in my toenail 
      A             E                A 
      And hid the speed inside my shoes 

D B7 A But come on, come on down sweet Virginia D B7 A Come on honey child i beg of you D B7 A D Come on, come on down you got it in you A E A D A Got to scrape that shit right off your shoes
D B7 A D B7 A D B7 A D A E A D A Repete Refrão.

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