The Gaslight Anthem

Too Much Blood

The Gaslight Anthem

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Too Much Blood

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Am C Are you scared this sounds familiar? Am C Am C What if everybody knew the very trials and temptations G F That we put ourselves through? Am C Am C Now i am no angel but i got nothing to hide Am C G F Can you say the same thing for yourself tonight? C E What can i keep for myself if i tell you my hell? Am G F C What would be left to take to my grave? E And what's left for you, my lover to save? Am G F Fm What's left for only you to take? C G Am F If i put too much blood on the page C G Am F If i put too much blood on the page C G Am F And if i just tell the truth are there only lies left for you C G C If i put too much love on the page? Now as my eternal witness to the pride and the shame Are you worried i say too much? Are you scared they'll take me away? Now i am no devil but i've got things on my mind And they're gonna come out and they're gonna come up time to time Chorus

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