The Dandy Warhols

I Am Sound

The Dandy Warhols

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I Am Sound

For have I, 
I've built a castle 
        D               G 
Upon believing before I doubt. 
        Em              D                  G 
I have suffered but my friends say I have learned from it. 
            Em               A 
And for have I believed the snow could 
         D                G 
Not be freezing upon the ground. 
       Em              A                D 
Now my ass is blue and black, but I am sound. 

    Em                 A 
But where are all the songs 
    D          G 
For me to sing along to 
          Em              A                 D  G 
When I am hoping someone writes one for me. 
    Em                   A 
And sings me something sweetly 
        D               G 
For, I promise to sing along. 
               Em                  A 
And then we'll both know nothing's wrong, 
        G         D 
Singing na, na-na-na 

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