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small Two Of Pieces Banjo

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Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Koinokawa

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small Two Of Pieces

  		Fmaj7                                  G                         C 
Run through the cold of the night, as passion burns in your heart 
Fmaj7                                  G                    Am 
Ready to fight, a knife held close by your side 
Fmaj7                                      G                           C 
Like a proud wolf alone in the dark with eyes that watch the world 
And my name like a shadow on the face of the moon 

             Am        Fmaj7                  C        G                        Am 
Broken mirror, a million shades of light, the old echo fades away 
But just you and I can find the answer. And then, 
We can run to the end of the world 
             Fmaj7                        C 
We can run to the end of the world 

Fmaj7                              G                     C 
Cold fire clenched to my heart in the blue of night 
Fmaj7                     G                        Am 
Torn by this pain, I paint your name in sound 
Fmaj7                                   G                           C 
And the girl of the dawn with eyes of blue, and angel wings 
The songs of the season are her only crown 


Fmaj7                              G                        C 
We met in the mist of morning and parted deep in the night 
Fmaj7                                     G                        Am 
Broken sword and shield, and tears that never fall 
Fmaj7                                            G                        C 
But run through the heart washed away by the darkest water 
The world is peaceful and still 


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