Stevie Ray Vaughan

Life by the drop

Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Life by the drop

 A             E7              F#                     D7 
 Hello there   my old friend,  not so long ago it was   till the end 
 A            E7                  F#                    D7 

 we played outside in the pouring rain on our way up the road we started over again 
 F#              D7               E7 
 living a dream  , woe you on top  (?) 
 F#                D7            E7 
 my mind is achin, Lord it won't stop 
 F#           D7              E7            A           A 
 that's how it happens, living  life by the   drop         
                                ^---- only 2/4 here 
 Up and down the road in our  worn out shoes 
 talking about good things and  singing the blues 
 you went your way and  I stayed behind 
 we both knew it was just a  matter of time 
 living a dream woe you on top 
 my mind is aching  Lord it won't stop 
 that's how it happens living  life by the  drop  
 No wasted  time ,we're alive today
 churnin up the past, there's no  easier way 
 time's been between us a  means to an end (???) 
 God, it's good to be here, walking  together my friend 
 living a dream     
 my mind starts thinking    
 that's how it happened living  life by the  drop  
 that's how it happened living  life by the  drop  
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/ / / / F# --------------------------------------- -------2- --------------------------------------- -------2- --------------------------------------- -------3- ... 0---2--2h4------2----------2-2h4--2---- -------4- -------------------------------------4- -------4- --------------------------------------- --2--2--- Intro: / / / / / / / / A --------------------------------- ---------------------------- ------- --------------------------------- ---------------------------- ------- ------------0---------------0-h2- 0-------------------------2- ------- ... -----0-1-h2---0-h1-p0---0-------- --2-1-0-h1-0---0---0-------- ---2---2h4- 0-h3------------------3---3------ -------------3---3---3-p0--- ---0---0-0- --------------------------------- ---------------------------- ----------- Rythm: D7 A / / / / / / / / G -2---2h4---4---2---2h4---4- D -2---2h4---4---2---2h4---4- D -0---0-0---0---0---0-0---0- A -0---0-0---0---0---0-0---0- ... A --------------------------- E --------------------------- E --------------------------- E7 / / / / A -2---2h4---4---2---2h4---4- E -0---0-0---0---0---0-0---0-

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