Sonny And Cher

What Now My Love?

Sonny And Cher



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What Now My Love?

	  		What Now My Love:Sonny And Cher. 
#14 in 1966. 

            G                     C    G 
What now my love, now that you've left me? 
          Am    D7              G 
How can I live, through another day? 
                              C     G 
Watching my dreams turning to, 
           Am     D7           G   G7 
And all my hopes, into bits of clay. 

             C    Am   D       Bm  Em 
Once I could see, once I could feel. 
         Am    D             G   G7 
Now I am numb, I've become unreal. 
           Eb     F         Bb   Gm 
I walk the night, without a goal, 
               Am     D              Am   D7 
Stripped of my heart, stripped of my soul. 

            G                   C   G  
What now my love, now that it's 
           Am     D7            G 
I feel the world, closing in on me. 
                               C     G 
Here come the stars, tumbling around me. 
            Am   D7                   G G7 
There's the sky, where the sea should be. 

            C     Am  D           Bm   Em 
What now my love, now that you've gone? 
         Am    D            G  G7 
I'd be a fool, to go on and on. 
             Eb    F            Bb  Gm 
No one would care, no one would cry, 
            Am    D           Am  D7 
If I should live, if I should die. 

            G                  C   G 
What now my there is nothing. 
        Am    D      G 
Only my last, good...bye.(This line x6)Fade. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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