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This Is My Song Banjo


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Tikarai

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This Is My Song

Year: 1974 - Album: Fly to the Rainbow


  		TAB da Intro: 
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|-5---------|---5------------|-5-------|----5----------| |---8-6-----|-----8-6---6-8--|---8-6---|-6-8--8-6--8---| |-------7---|---------7------|-------7-|---------------| |-----------|----------------|---------|---------------| |-----------|----------------|---------|---------------| |-----------|----------------|---------|---------------|
Verso: Dm Gm I can\'t believe what the people say C Dm There\'s only hate everywhere Dm Gm So many people go different ways C Dm So many things don\'t you care Dm Gm They see nobody, they see themselves C Dm But a stage like in a show Dm Gm They see the hell, and they need your help C Dm C Dm C... They need your help, they need love, love REPETE intro
Dm C This is my song Gm A Dm I tell you about the story of love Dm C This is my song Gm A Dm I tell you about the story of love
Verso: Dm Gm I think I need you, you need me too C Dm The place where we live is here Dm Gm The world is griping what can I do C Dm For you and you everywhere Dm Gm I sing this song 'bout the world of love C Dm And hope you hear what I say Dm Gm Forever freedom, forever love C Dm C Dm C Forever love everyday... Repete a intro

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