Shotgun In My Spaceship


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Shotgun In My Spaceship


I wrote down all the lyrics and figured all the chords to my liking, but if I got anything wrong,  
just comment below.  Any words you'd need another person to sing are in ()'s.  I couldn't figure  
out the solo. 

Practice the lyric rhythm a lot, then sing this to your girl.  I believe in you. 

- peeeace, the Wheez 

Tune all strings down a half step 

(?) = a D-shaped chord on fret 4 with pinky hammer(h)-on-pull(p)-offs 
(X) = a D-shaped chord only using the top two strings and sliding it up the neck 
(B7)= a weird bar.  You can use any B7 you want for the other B7's, but if you want  
      to do the hammer-on-pull-offs, you gotta use the one tabbed below. 
  * = There's a D-to-D7 chord transition thing actually happens as a triplet before  
      the first beat in the last measure.  The paino plays it. 
  _ = I tried to label where the down-beats are. 

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(?) (X) (B7) * E|-4-5h-5-|-2-3-5-|--2-----------|-3-| B|-5-5--5-|-3-5-7-|----4-4-5h-4p-|-3-| G|-4-4--4-|-------|----4-4-------|-2-| D|--------|-------|----4-4-------|---| A|--------|-------|--------------|---| E|--------|-------|--------------|---|
Intro: G E (?) A D (X) G E A D (B7) G,G,G,G,G (palm-mute) G E A D D-*-D7 Verses 1&2: ------------- G E I'm kinda nervous bout blastin off - do doo A _ _ _ D _ D-*-D7 I bet the boys in Houston know what they'r do'n when we're puttin motha-fucka's in space G E I wasn't meant to be an astronaunt - do doo A _ _ _ D D----*----D7 B7 I just try'n-to impress you ever since that first second that I seen your face (face) - da do da duh do G E And cleaning the shuttle is such a chore - do doo A _ _ _ D And some-times I don't feel so safe in it - ....da now duh dow G E But we don't launch in the cold no more - And we've (/do doo) A _ _ _ D D--*-D7 B7 redesigned the rocket booster joints so we don't have another January 'Eighty--Six Chorus: --------- G E Am D7 I'll show you the structures - the structures on the moon (/boom boom) If you'll ride shotgun in my spaceship I'll show you the structures - the structures on the moon (/boom boom) If you'll ride shotgun in my spaceship Verses 3&4: ------------- _ G _ E _ Baby I'm your monomethyl hydrazine - do doo A _ _ _ D _ D-*-D7 And you set my heart on fire, you're my nitrogen tetroxide oxidizer - huh yeah, you know G _ _ E _ I'm feeling like it's T- minus 3... - (do doo) A _ _ _ D-*-D7 B7 _ Let's get these boosters ignited and lift off, ...before I get pissed off (....da now duh dow) G _ _ E _ In this first ten-minutes-burn nothin's wrong - (do doo) A _ _ _ D D---*---D7 I just wanna separate from the external fuel tank ...and that's one big fuckin bomb (/da do da duh do) G _ _ _ _ You got me all si-ide-ways and upside-down - (do doo) A _ _ _ D _ D7 Now that I'm in orbit, you'll think that I'm imporant and love my style - yeah you will, check it Instrumental/solo G E Am D7 x2 Chorus Instrumental G E A D D-*-D7 G

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