Rory Gallagher

Lost At Sea

Rory Gallagher

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Lost At Sea


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Chords used: ` A A7 D Ddim F#m E Bm E |--0----|--3----|--2----|--1----|--2----|--0----|--2----|| B |--2----|--2----|--3----|--3----|--2----|--0----|--3----|| G |--2----|--2----|--2----|--1----|--2----|--1----|--4----|| D |--2----|--2----|--0----|--0----|--4----|--2----|--4----|| A |--0----|--0----|-------|-------|--4----|--2----|--2----|| E |-------|-------|-------|-------|--2----|--0----|-------||
Intro: A A7 D Ddim A x2 A A7 D Ddim A Lost at sea like a sailor, A A7 D Ddim A You found me you were my saviour. Guitar riff (w/ A chord played over): A A7 D Ddim A Tossed a - bout like a coaster, A A7 D Ddim A The reef was near but you came closer. A A7 D F#m E Rea - ching out I don`t know how. Guitar riff Solo 1: A D Ddim A A D Ddim A A D F#m E Guitar riff Bm D Raise the sails and leave, A And take me straight home. Bm D I can almost see E the distant shoreline. A A7 D Ddim A Caught in tides friends of no-one, A A7 D Ddim A Winds which lie drove me straight on. A A7 D F#m E Who knows where but I was spared. Guitar riff Break: A D Ddim A x4 Solo 2: A D Ddim A x5 A D F#m E

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