Long Run



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Long Run

Key:  Em More
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	  		no tricky bits but enough to play this heartwarming classic. 
most of the times instead of the A i play 
002200 which seem to sound better when you play along with the record 
    Em                         	G 
You look out your window at the cold grey dawn 
    D                   A 
It's seven o'clock on a Monday morning 
    G                                 A     Abarre Gbarre 
Pour a cup of coffee, better make it a strong one 
    Em             G          D 
Weather man on the radio says it's going to rain 
And it's going to blow 
      Em                  G 
It'll be all right, it'll be all right 
      D             A 
it'll be all right in the long run 
Em G D A (the gda are played one beat each) 
Em G D A 
Australia marched out of Vietnam 
Out on the streets against Uncle Sam 
We won the fight, it was a long one 
Uranium demo the other day 
One of my mates got dragged away 
As they slammed the door I heard her say 
Italian bloke who works with me 
We swap laughs and company 
And he slapped me on the back 
and said "You're wrong son" 
This isn't the land I was told it wuld be 
It's not so equal and it's not so free 
>From the shadow of history a convict screams 
The shearers curse, the people dream 
We've taken some right turns, they've been the wrong ones 
Troop ships leave and the headlines blaze 
Australia remembers happeir days 
And the faith lives on within the haze 
So you sit in your camp and you stare at the fire 
The doubts drop away as the hopes get higher 
And you sing to yourself 
And the sun gives ground to a long cold night 
And you screw up your courage for another fight 
But you know in your heart 
And the sun streams in with power and might 
And you look at your kids in a different light 
And you know in your heart as you kiss them goodnight 
transcribed by mike walsh 
improvements email [email protected] 


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