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Higher Ground Banjo

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Higher Ground

  		Intro: Baixo
(Opening Solo) 
(Em G A) Várias Vezes
Verse 1- 
(Em G A)
People, keep on learnin'! 
Soldiers, keep on warrin'! 
F#m   A B F#m   A B     F#m     A B F#m
World,          keep on turnin',
      A    B        Em     G A     Em     G A
cause it won't be too long. 
(Igual p/ toda a música)
Verse 2- 
The Powers keep on lyin', 
While your people keep on dyin'. 
World, keep on turning', 'cause it won't be too long. 
A                          Em      Em7   
I'm so darn glad he let me try it again
For my last time on Earth 
          Em           Em7   
I lived a whole lotta sin
    A                   Em                Em7   
I'm so darn glad I know more than I knew then
          F#m            B7
I'm gonna keep on tryin 'til I reach my
       Em      G A  Em     G A
Higher Ground
Verse 3- 
Teachers, keep on teachin'! 
Preachers, keep on preachin'! 
World, keep on turnin', 'cause it won't be too long. 
Verse 4- 
Lovers, keep on lovin', 
while believers keep on believin'. 
Sleepers, just stop sleepin', 'cause it won't be too long. 
Till I reach the higher ground. (3 times)

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