Pixie Lott

What Do You Take Me For

Pixie Lott

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What Do You Take Me For

Uh, the drop-top specialist 
Yes, we turn heads like an exorcist 
These red bottoms on our feet, looking devilish 
We take it to the next level, so effortless 

I'm tired of you kicking the dirt 
               G      D 
Just want the dust to settle 
I'll find just what I deserve 
         G      D 
If you can't do better 
Can't say that you took your time 
            G            D 
Before the sweet turned sour 
You changed right before my eyes 
      G                D 
You picked the wrong flower 

Am Don't know what you think I'm after G D Don't think I can take anymore Am Don't know what you think I'm after G D What do you take me for, what do you take me for? Am Done, I'm like whatever G D Gone right through the front door Am Bye, won't see you later G D What do you take me for, what do you take me for?
Boy, now that the tables have turned Don't let me see you begging It's a hard, hard lesson to learn When it's me you're not getting So low, and you're all alone And now you've got no power Let go, 'cause I'm cutting the rope You climbed the wrong tower CHORUS (Rap) Save your tears in a bucket Yeah, the way you handle this, yeugh, I'm disgusted Never been busted, treat me like a suspect Why am I the one that just can't be trusted? Try harder, discuss it Why bother, I made you, I'll make another, and she'll go farther And you can bet a million on it South of France, on a yacht, with us chillin' on it Da da da da do, oh oh oh oh CHORUS

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