The Day You Walk Way


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The Day You Walk Way

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A D E|-----------0---------------| B|-----2-2^3-----3-2-0-------| G|-----------------------1^2-| D|---2---------0-------2-----| A|-0-------------------------| E|---------------------------| x 2
A D And so you are leaving A D You've closed the door behind you A D A D And for the first time I'm on my own A D If you should walk away A D A trail of footprints you'd leave on the snow covered street A D A D I will follow; to bring you home F# E Snow fell on the day you came A A/G D And ever since I pray A E D A For snow to fall the day you walk away A D I've tried to be good to you A D The love that I gave you; you threw it away A D A D But I would try to start again and again A D It's hard to believe in A D A love as fragile as a flower A D As a candle that burns for an hour F# E A But I need to believe in you
A D If you should walk away A D I'd follow you until the end of time A D I'd find you wherever you'd be and I'd bring you back A D A D Home again ... I would bring you back home again F# E Snow fell on the day you came A A/G D And I have seen today A E D A That snow fell just before you walked away

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