Oak Ridge Boys

Cryin' Again

Oak Ridge Boys


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Cryin' Again

Written by Don Cook/Rafe Van Hoy

	  		    F                            C 
You told me that our love was forever 
        G                          Am 
But you never really meant it that way 
    F                       C 
You said we had a sweet situation 
        G                     C 
But I?m wakin? up without you today 

F C (Cryin? again) we?re out of love again G Am (Cryin? Again) Like we nearly always been F C (Cryin? again) I wonder when I won?t be G C Cryin? again
I thought we had a real understanding But you never understood what I said The magic didn?t last like we planned it And we?ve wasted all the feelings instead Chorus

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