Neil Sedaka

Bad Blood

Neil Sedaka

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Bad Blood

	  		             A             D 
It coulda been me but it was you 
    E                                       A 
Who went and bit off a little bit more than he could chew 
                         A                  D 
You said that you had it made, but you been had 
    E                                         A 
The woman no good, no how, thinkin' maybe the blood is bad 

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od) 
The woman was born to lie 
Makes promises she can't keep 
With the wink on an eye 
Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od) 
Brother, you've been deceived 
It's bound to change you mind 
About all you believe 

From where I stand, it looks mighty strange 
How you let a woman like that treat you like small change 
I don't understand what you're lookin' to find 
The only thing bad blood do is mess up a good man's mind 
SPOKEN: Hear me talkin' now 

Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od) 
The bitch is in her smile 
The lie is on her lips 
Such an evil child 
Bad (ba-a-ad) blood (blo-o-od) 
Is takin' you for a ride 
The only thing good about bad blood 
Is lettin' it slide 

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