Nanci Griffith

You Ask Me To

Nanci Griffith


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You Ask Me To

G                 C 
Long ago and far away 
C                      G 
In my old common labor shoes 
G                              D 
I turned the world all which a way 
D                         G 
Just because you asked me to 
G                  C 
Like unto no other feel 
C                     G 
Simple love is simple true 
G                          D 
There's no end to what I'd do 
D                         G 
Just because you asked me to 

C Let the world call me a fool C G But if things are right with me and you G D That's all that matters and I'll do D G Anything you ask me to
Instrumentals Knowing how much I love you And after all that I've been through I'd turn and walk away from you Just because you asked me to Chorus

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