The Door Into Summer


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The Door Into Summer



         D            Am7             D 
With his fool's gold stacked up all around him 
  D                    Am7          D 
From a killing in the market on the war 
     A                 G            D          G        
The children left King Midas there, as they found him 
        D                    Am7                D 
In his counting house where nothing counts but more 

A G D And he thought he heard the echos of a penny whistle band A G D And the laughter from a distant caravan A G D G And the brightly painted line of circus wagons in the sand D C* C/B* C* D Fading through the door into summer
D Am7 D Well, it's travel onto "maybe next year" 's places D Am7 D As a trade-in for a name upon the door A G D G And he pays for every year he cannot buy back with his tears D Am7 D As he finds out there's been no one keeping score Chorus (X2) Chorus (X2)

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