Moe Bandy

High Noon

Moe Bandy

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High Noon

	  		C                                                   F 
Do not forsake me oh my darling on this our wedding day 

Dm                G7    C   Am  E    G7 
Do not forsake me oh my darling wait wait along 

C                                                       F     A7 
I do not know what fate awaits me I only know I must be brave 

F                         C        F        C 
For I must face a man who hates me or die a coward 

F        C      F        C      Dm  G7 C 
A craven coward or lie a coward in  my grave 

Oh to be torn betwixt love and duty 

Supposing I lose my fair haired beauty 

Look at that big hand move around 

C            G7 
Nearing high noon 

He made a vow while in state's prison 

Vowed it would be my life or his'n 

I'm not afraid of death but oh 

C                     Dm    G7 
What will I do if you leave me 

Do not forsake me oh my darling 

                           F    A7 
You made that promise as a bride 

F                       C 
Do not forsake me oh my darling 

F               C 
Although you're grievin' 

F              C 
Don't think of leavin' 

F          Em   Dm  F  G7 C 
Now that I need you by my side 

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