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Desert Skies

Marshall Tucker Band

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Desert Skies

Written by Toy Caldwell

                          G#13 A13                                  E           Gm7    F#m7 
Well  Im ridin along singing that same ol' cowboy song 
Thats been sung a hundred time before 
Aint got nothin to  my name 
          A13                       E                                  Gm7 
And Im the only man I know to blame 
                 F#m7  B9                     E 
But Im livin Im    happy and Im free 
Just listen to the wind blow 
         G#m7                        Gm7  F#m7 
Let it blow,     let it blow 
Sand over my trail 
I got my saddle on the ground 
                     G#m7                                           Gm7  F#m7 
And that ol'moon he can still be found 
Hidin in the desert sky 
I like the simple things in life like a prairie breeze 
  a good stout horse between my knees 
Just being alone just being me 
And when I die let me die with a dream in my  mind 
A smile on my  face and no troubles behind 
And no cross on my grave to show my restin place 
F#m7                                         B9 
Wont you  bury me with my chaps on 
                E                                          F#m7 
and my six gun strapped to my side  
                                     F#m7                      B9        E 
So I can watch the moon hidin in the desert sky 
F#m7         B9            E 
Hidn in the desert   sky                   (3x )    (ending) 
F#m7            B9         G6/9  F#6/9 F6/9 E6/9 
Hidin in the desert sky 


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