Marshall Tucker Band

Bob Away My Blues

Marshall Tucker Band

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by  DO_JAZZ_2

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Bob Away My Blues

	  		Intro: Em7b5 D#m7b5 Dm7b5 E A7 E A7 E A7 E 


     A         E           C#7 
Well I'm goin' down to the river            

           F#m7 B7         E    B7 
I've got a cane pole in my hand      

     E      C#7           F#m7                 B7 
I've got my redworms in a Maxwell house coffee can 
          E           G#7             A                    D9 
I'm gonna sit under a shade tree on a riverbank where it's cool 
          E                 C#7               F#m7     B7      E 
I'm gonna close my eyes and dream and let the cork Bob away my blues 
E                    C#7            A7          D9 
Well I wake up every mornin' I pick peaches all day 
       E                           C#7                             
And on Saturday night we'll have a dance or two  
           F#m7          B7   C7 B7 
  we might wallow in the hay     
        E                    C#7 
Now the only thing that ever whipped my pa          
         A7                  D9 
Was this bad dude called old age        
        E                        C#7 
And his last years were his best years 
    F#m7            B7     E    C7 B7  
And this is what he had to say        
        A                                D9        
He said boy I've worked this dirt all my life  
           E7                  E 
but things ain't been good for awhile              
Why don't you move to the city make a little money  
                 B7               C7             B7 
you might be the first one in the family ever to die with a smile      
       E               C#7   
Well I took his advice things goin' well        
       A                   D9 
But my friends are far and few 
    E              C#7            F#m7              B7 
But whoever said a city boy can't have them country blues 

E              C#7            F#m7              B7 
Whoever said a city boy can't have them country blues 
E              C#7            F#m7              B7  
Whoever said a city boy can't have them country blues  
     C7               B7               E 
Well honey they ain't talked to me and you  

Gm7b5 Fm7b5 F#m7b5 Em7b5 Fm7b5 D#m7b5 E 


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