Lucky Jim

You're Lovely To Me

Lucky Jim

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You're Lovely To Me

	  		G			    C 
You're lovely to me yes you are 
G		D 
We've traveled together 
We've traveled so far 
     G		  D 
Your tongue it is wise 
	    C			G  D	Dsus4 D Dsus4 
And there's love in your eyes deep and blue 

G			    C 
You're lovely to me yes you are 
 G	  D		C 
And venus ascending is surely your star 
     G		  D 
I've seen how you shine 
      C				D   Dsus4 D Dsus4 
But I can't make you mine it is true 

	 Em			C 
You're a midsummer mountain in bloom 
G			Am 
Heather and linden, the fruit of your womb 
	C		     Bm 
There's honey and sap in the couch of your lap 
D      Dsus4 D Dsus4 
Lady day 

	Em		      C 
There's nothing you would not provide 
    G			    Am 
When all is despair you are there at my side 
      C			     Bm 
It is you that is near it is you that gives ear 
       D    Dsus4 D Dsus4 
when I pray 

You're lovely to me yes you are 
You've been out on the road with a craving for tar 
You know what you need yes you're canny in deed 
And in name 

You're lovely to me yes you are 
And I'll see you tonight in a local bar 
We'll be wed before dawn and by morning 
We're one and the same 

The old ones they knew you my love 
They set you to reason and sullied a dove 
But how could they try you or demystify you with words 

You're a city that's pulling me still 
You keep me from sleeping and strengthen my will 
The gates they are strong but they open for song I 
have heard 

You're lovely to me yes you are 
You're the beautiful one that time cannot mar 
Your lost in the eyes of my love as she cries all for 

You're lovely to me yes you are 
You're the elusive chord on my old guitar 
You're hidden 'neath veils that our love making fails 
to destroy 

There's all I desire in your voice 
I fear I am bold but you leave me no choice 
You know that to ask me to turn from my task would be 

You're a rose that for no man will yield 
You have many names and all of them sealed 
Your empire is vast from the first to the last you 

You're lovely to me yes you are 
It's war all the time but you bare no scar 
You glitter like sand as it runs through my hands to 
the sea 

You're lovely to me yes you are 
You're my drunken companion it's right that you are 
Your love takes me higher your love is the fire in me 

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