Little Texas

Kick A Little

Little Texas

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Kick A Little

	  		E                     A 
My daddy always a gentle man  
E                     A 
Never the kind to ever force his hand  
B                       A                     E 
He would always be the last one to raise his voice  
E                A 
If anybody ever put us down  
E                              A 
Well you can bet that he would stand his ground  
B                         A                       B 
Then he would tell me son sometimes you got no choice  
E A You've got to kick at little and cause a stir E A Sometimes you got to make some noise to be heard E A B If anybody ever tries to hold you back E A Yeah you got to kick a little and be tough E A You got to let 'em know you've had enough E A B Remember that unless you want to finish last NC You've got to kick a little
E A Some people judge you by the way you look E A They see you once and say you ain't no good B A E Feels like they're never goona take you for who you are E A That's when you have to stand up and be strong E A And go the extra mile to prove 'em all wrong B A B Just remember when they push you way too far Chorus Intrumental: E A E A E A B 2x Chorus [email protected]

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