Larry Hosford

Wimmin Got Me Swimmin

Larry Hosford


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Wimmin Got Me Swimmin

Written by Bob Caloca/Larry Hosford

	  		Intro chords:  Steel guitar starts out, then guitar chords come in. 
 _ _ B7 E 

E A Wimmin's got me swimmin in the pool of tears B7 A E My baby's got me started and she won't shift my gears E A n.c. just drums The lights on lover's freeway all say stop B7 E If I had another beer I'd pop it's top
E A Well My love's so big it's semi-like a diesel truck B7 E But on the road of heartaches I just got stuck E A Love's an endless battle and I lost the bout B7 E She played the game of stud but she dealt me out To chorus, lead "Oh burnin' Ernie Hayes" "Here's Kim" E A Well her momma said her daddy was a union man B7 E That she learn to swipe and kick at me from him first hand E A She took to haunting honky tonks and sleezy bars B7 E A ghost of what she use to be is what she are To chorus, to ending ENDING B7 E If I had another beer I'd pop it's top

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