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Favorite Adventure

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Favorite Adventure

G   C 
G   C 

verse 1 
 G         C        Em         D 
There you are, your beauty consoles me 
 G         C        Am      G      C 
I've gone far and I almost didn't find you 
       Am     G      C 
And I almost lived without you 
         Am      G       C 
There is nothing in this world 
           D               G 
I'd rather do than live in you 

G  C 
G  C 

verse 2 
 G      C        Em         D 
Here we go, our favorite adventure 
  G         C          Am    G      C 
You should know I was never more complete 
      Am     G          C 
And I never thought I'd see 
     Am     G     C 
The meaning of my life 
           D            G 
Wrapped in you, next to me 

G       C 
Em      D       F       C       D 

verse 3 
       G     C        Em           D 
If you ever fear someday we might lose this 
 G         C           Am      G         C 
Come back here to this moment that will last 
     Am      G      C 
And time can go so fast 
     Am      G      C 
when every thing's exactly 
           D            G 
Where it's at its very best 

G       C 
Em      D       F       C       D 

G       C       G       C 

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