Johnny Russell

Catfish John

Johnny Russell

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Catfish John

D                   G 
Mama said don't go near that river.  
D                                   A 
Don't be hanging around old Catfish John. 
D                        G 
But come the morning I'd always be there 
D                                D           D 
Walking in his footsteps in the sweet delta dawn. 

        G                    D          
Born a slave in the town of Vicksburg  
       G             D 
Traded for a chestnut mare 
         G               D      
He never spoke a word in anger, 
 D          A                D 
 though his load was hard to bare 

Catfish John was a river hobo 
he lived and died on the river bend 
Thinking back I still remember 
I was proud to be his friend. 


Let me dream of another morning  
and a time so long ago 
When the sweet magnolias blossomed  
and the cotton fields were white as snow 


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