John Schneider

Country Girls

John Schneider


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Country Girls

C, Am, F, C  twice 
     C           Am                F              C 
I've been to California, where the ladies look so fine 
           Am                 F           Dm                  G 
They could take a long-haired country boy and softly bend his mind 
     C                Am              F                 C 
Made love in New York City where they dress in silk and pearls 
    F                    Am                      F             G       C  
But Lord I swear there's nothing anywhere that's better than a country girl 

F C Cause country girls are sweeter than Tupelo honey G C And country girls are warmer than the Georgia sun F C They know how to touch you, they know how to love you, take you right out of this world Am G F G C I'm so glad that God made country girls
There's women in Chicago in their high rise penthouse rooms With fine champagne and other things you could drown in their perfume But I'll take a night down in Mobile, just looking out across the bay With a country girl lying next to me, taking my breath away Chorus Yeah, I'm so glad that God made you country girls

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