Jo Dee Messina

Heads Carolina, Tails California Banjo

Jo Dee Messina

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Heads Carolina, Tails California

  		INTRO:    E  B  A  B      E  B  A  B 
{VERSE 1} 
E                 B               A      B 
Baby, what do you say we just get lost? 
           E                      B                A     B 
Leave this one horse townlike two rebels without a cause. 
      E                             B                  A       B 
I got people in Boston.  Ain't your daddy still in Des Moines? 
       E                    B                   A     B 
We can pack up tomorrow.  Tonight, let's flip a coin. 
E B Heads, Carolina - Tails, California. A B Somewhere greener - somewhere warmer. E B Up in the mountains - down by the ocean. A B Where? It don't matter, as long as we're goin' E B Somewhere together. I've got a quarter. A B Heads, Carolina - Tails, California.
BREAK: E B A B {LEADING INTO VERSE 2} We can {E}load what we own in the {B}back of a U-haul {A}van. B Couple {E}modern day Moses', {B}searchin for the promised {A}land. B We can {E}go four hundred {B}miles before we stop for {A}gas. B We can {E}drive for a day, B and then we'll take a look at the {A}map. B {CHORUS} BREAK: E B A B E B A B {LEADING INTO VERSE 3} We're gonna {E}get outta here if we {B}gotta ride a Greyhound {A}bus. B Boy, we're {E}bound to outrun the B}bad luck that's tailin' {A}us. B {CHORUS} OUTRO: E B A B E B A B E B A B E B A B O---oh, California! Carolina! California! {FADE OUT}

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