Jesus And Mary Chain

Far Gone and Out

Jesus And Mary Chain


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Far Gone and Out

Written by Jim Reid/William Reid

	  		Transcribed by Michael Gartley
[email protected]

D             G                        D                     G    D
I can't explain exactly what     I'm doing standing in the rain
                G                       D                          G
don't do it for fun, do it if you       feel it kiss is on the     tongue
        D                         G
    i'm taking my thoughts to the railway station
D                           G               E     G
put 'em on a train just to see whats coming back
              E      G
what's coming back
           A             D    F G F
its coming like a heartattack

D F G F x 3

D               G                          D                   G     D
  I smelled the facts so nothings stays forever nothings gonna last
                G                        D                          G
she's dresed in black, a black cat and I know I just gotta have her back
        D                        G
and i'm television sick, and i'm television crazy
D                            G               E    G
no one works so hard just to make me feel so bad
            E   G
i'm feeling bad
     A           D   F G F
aahh that's just sad

D F G F x 3

D G x 4
           D               F G F D
ah hey hey hey just look at ...

D F G F till end of song

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