Jerry Butler

For Your Precious Love

Jerry Butler

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For Your Precious Love

	  		G                  Em 
Your precious love, means more to me 
C        D               G 
Than any love could ever be. 
For when I wanted you, 
I was so lonely and blue, 
    C           D        G 
For That?s what love will do 
And darling, I?m so surprised, 
Oh, When I first realized 
     C        D      G 
That you were fooling me. 
    G                Em             
And darling, they say that our love won?t grow. 
                  C          D         G 
But I just want to tell them they don?t know. 
       G              Em 
For as long as you?re in love with me, 
Our love will grow wider, 
D              G 
Deeper than any sea. 
And of all the things that I want, 
In this whole wide world, is 
C               D                    G 
Just for you to say that you?ll be my girl. 
G           Em 
Wanting you, I?m so lonely and blue. 
            C  D     G 
That?s what love will do. 


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