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What We Want Banjo

Jason Mraz

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What We Want

  		A                           E 
I'm older than I look I see the man staring at my ID 
D           E        A             E 
He reads my face and studies lines no plagiarizing  
D      E            A                E  
No copyright. I'm right before your very eyes  
D               E        A            E            
When you say my name I'm suddenly I'm young again 
D           E        A 
Young as he thinks I am. 
A                                     E 
All the words that I hoped you'd say were stated right there in the cafe 
D             E        A                E 
We stayed out late and spoke of all the worlds perfections 
D            E        A             E 
This perfect date was headed in the right direction  
D            E          A                E 
Conversation break, we spoke more in the silence 
    D                   E      A    
We got a little lot of what we want 

A    E    D.............E A...herh.
What we want. 
A              E 
I'm so in love finally. 
D        E         A    E         D 
I waited patiently for all of my life. 
It happened overnight. 
    D                 E 
We spoke more in the silence 
    D                  E       A  
We got a little lot of what we want. 

Have fun with this beautiful sensual song...please rate this.. 
Thx Gerben

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