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Till Death

Japanese Breakfast

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Till Death

verse 1 
F#                       D#m 
All our celebrities keep dying 
          B         C# 
While the cruel men continue to win 
F#                     D#m 
You'd reassure me in a way you only can 
          B                      C#             C#7 
Get these days to go by like the swaying of a ship 

F# D#m Your shape in the dark B C# Out of state, licensed to me F# D#m Public pool, Miller moon B C# C#7 Don't turn away, I'm still awake
verse 2 F# D#m Steering on hostile waves of panic B C# Like fighting a wheel that pulls to the right F# D#m I don't deserve you but I'm giving it my best B C# C#7 Extol your sacrifice with fine caviars and aspics
F# D#m Your voice, in the night B C# Sing me to sleep, soothe this insomnia F# D#m Haunted dreams, stages of grief B Repressed memories G G7 Anger and bargaining C Am Your embrace, healing my wounds F G Teach me to breathe, teach me to move C Am F PTSD, anxiety, genetic disease G G7 Fm Cmaj7 Thanatophobia

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