Desert Song


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Desert Song

	  		Bm  A  G  D  Bm  A  G 

Bm           A            G   | D 
This is my prayer in the desert 
     Bm             A           G | D 
When all that's within me feels dry 
Bm          A           G          D 
This is my prayer in my hunger and need 
   Bm          A          G 
My God is the God who provides 

Bm           A            G | D 
This is my prayer in the fire 
   Bm          A         G | D 
In weakness or trial or pain 
Bm          A 
There is a faith proved 
    G               D 
Of more worth than gold 
   Bm        D/F#               G 
So refine me Lord through the flame 

I will bring praise 
I will bring praise 
           G                         D 
No weapon formed against me shall remain 
A/C#      A 
I will rejoice 
I will declare 
           G         D/A  A  Bm  A  G  D 
God is my victory and He is here 

This is my prayer in the battle 
When triumph is still on its way 
I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ 
So firm on His promise I'll stand 

Dsus4      D 
All of my life 
Dsus4     D 
In every season 
You are still God 
I have a reason to sing 
G                   D 
I have a reason to worship 

Bm           A            G 
This is my prayer in the harvest 
     Bm          A          G 
When favour and providence flow 
Bm          A            G 
I know I'm filled to be emptied again 
    Bm           A             G 
The seed I've received I will sow 

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