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by your blood

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by your blood

	  		Key: D 
By Your blood 
     Em7         G/A 
This temple is cleansed 
By Your blood 
       F#m7      Bm   Bm/A 
I am a king and priest 
       G2                     A/B 
You've taken my sin and removed it 
     Bm7         G2  D/F#          Em7  G/A 
as far as the west is from the east 
           D2 Em7     G/A 
By Your blood I am redeemed 
           D2    F#m7           Bm Bm/A 
By Your blood my joy is restored 
    G2                    A/B 
The holy of holies is the place 
I now worship You 
G2          D/F#    Em7 G/A  A13 D2  C/D Cmaj7/D  D 
Jesus Christ my Lord O  Ho - ly Lord 
G    A/G 
Je - sus 
Em7        A           D2 
Pure and blameless Lamb 
    Gmaj7   F#m7 Bm 
You made me ho - ly 
In Your righteousness 
I stand 

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