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Words get in the way Banjo

Gloria Estefan

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by Somsat

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Words get in the way

Year: 1992 - Album: Gloria Estefan - Greatest Hits

  		Introdução: F6 - F7+ 

  F6                                             F7+ 
I realize you're seeing someone new 
 Dm7                                               Dm 
I don't believe she knows you like I do 
Your temperamental moody side, 
       Bbm                                           Bb/C        C 
The one you always try to hide from me. 
         F6                                                             F7+ 
But I know when you have something on your mind 
                    Dm7                                         Dm 
You've been trying to tell me for the longest time 
And before you break my heart in two, 
            Bbm                                                 Bb/C       C 
There's something I've been trying to say to you. 

But the  words get in the way 
There's so much I want to say 
But it's locked deep inside 
And if you look in my eyes, 
We might fall in love again. 
I won't even start to cry 
And before we say good bye, 
I tried to say "I love you" 
             C                       F6            F7+ 
But the words get in the way. 
         F6                                               F7+ 
Your heart has always been an open door 
       Dm7                                           Dm  
But baby, I don't even know you anymore 
And despite the fact it's hurting me, 
  Bbm                                                 Bb/C       C 
I know the time has come to set you free.   

I'm trying to say "I love you" 
             C                       F 
But the words get in the way. 


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