Gerry And The Pacemakers

Now I'm Alone

Gerry And The Pacemakers

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Now I'm Alone

	  		Intro: D Em A D 

Sunnn doesn't shiiine 
Now you're not miiine 
A                    D    
Birds don't sing any-mooorre 

Bm          D   
Why did you go-ohhh 
B                Em  
When I loved you soooo 
Em  A                 D 
I'm lossst, now I'm a-lonnne 

People pass byyy 
They don't see me cryyy 
A                             D 
They don't knnnow how much it hurrrts 

Bm                  D  
To lose the one you lovvve 
B                   Em  
Neath the starrrs a-bovvve 
Em  A                 D  
I'm lossst, now I'm a-lonnne 

G             Em         D                    
You've bean a parrrt, of everything I've donnne 
G          Bm    Em                 A    
What can I dooo, now-ow that you've gonnne 
Em                  A 
Now-ow that you've gonnne 

Life must go onnn 
Although you've gonnne 
A                          D 
But what is liiife without youuu 

Bm                D  
You were my every-thing 
B                     Em 
You made church bells riiing 
Em  A                 D 
I'm lossst, now I'm a-lonnne 
D   A                 D 
I'm lossst, now I'm a-lonnne 

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